Elmhurst LWV Membership Benefits

State and National Membership

Those who join the League of Women Voters are members of a local League, like Elmhurst, as well as a state organization, like the League of Women Voters of Illinois, and our national organization, the League of Women Voters of the United States.

Information Access

  • The National Voter magazine, a bi-monthly magazine that keeps you one step ahead of the issues
  • Illinois Voter: quarterly coverage of state legislation, statewide League programs and member activities
  • Shop Talk: Monthly updates and details on Elmhurst League activities and events
  • Observer Reports, summaries of local governing board meetings written by Elmhurst LWV observers the newsletter of the LWV of Elmhurst
  • The Elmhurst LWV Yearbook and Directory
On Line Information:
Members have access to member information on the League website, and receive email alerts on breaking action on Capitol Hill and in Springfield.
Programs and Activities:
  • The Elmhurst League offers monthly programs on a variety of topics of interest and concern to our community, state, nation and the world.
  • Study and discussion groups such as Great Decisions examine closely a wide range of topics from the status of the Elmhurst central business district to changing political and economic life in China.

Community Involvement & Service

The LWV plays a vital role in educating the community about the election process. We host candidate forums, from the national presidential forum to our local school and park boards.

Many of our members are voter registrars, helping citizens register to vote.

Our studies lead to action - such as our three-year study of the needs of the Elmhurst Public Library that led to the Elmhurst League's support for, and the community's subsequent passage of the referendum to build and equip the new library.

Our Commitment

Each Member participates in the League as personal time and preference permit. There is a place for everyone and every lifestyle.

Even if you don't have the time now to be active, your membership is important to the League's continued success. Every member strengthens the voice of the League - and increases our impact.

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